Browser efficiency comparison - Fullscreen Video

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Methodology summary

The Microsoft Edge team measured the time it took identical Surface Book laptops to run fully through their batteries while streaming HTML5 video in fullscreen.

The test was done with Windows build 17763 and connected to the Internet through Wifi, and multiple samples were taken.


On average, Microsoft Edge lasted 24% longer than Chrome.

On average, Microsoft Edge lasted 94% longer than Firefox.

Methodology details

Computer setup

The test was performed on separate Surface Book laptops running the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (17763 release). A sample was taken for each browser on each laptop. These computers were configured to the following settings, to increase consistency between measures and reduce tasks that may start during the measurement and interfere with the results, while still representing a realistic user setup:

In order to collect precise power usage data, the Maxim power driver was installed onto each machine.


Processor i5-6300U @ 2.4GHz
Memory 8G
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 520

Running the test

The laptops were allowed to play video until all of them had lost power. After the power had run down and the laptops had shut off, power was restored. Run-time and power consumption data was then collected by running "powercfg /spr" and opening the generated report.

Result Details


Browser Duration Edge Advantage
Edge 18 16:02:50
Chrome 69 12:53:41 Edge lasts 24% longer
Firefox 63 8:16:20 Edge lasts 94% longer