Browser efficiency comparison - Fullscreen Vimeo

Windows 10 Creator's Update

Methodology summary

The Microsoft Edge team measured the time it took three identical Surface Book laptops to run fully through their batteries while streaming video from Vimeo in fullscreen.

The test was done on three Surface Books running build 15063 and connected to the Internet through Wifi.


Microsoft Edge lasted 77% longer than Firefox and 35% longer than Chrome in this test.

Time Minutes
Firefox 52 7:04:19 424
Chrome 57 9:17:03 557
Microsoft Edge 12:31:08 751

Methodology details

Computer setup

The test was performed on three separate Surface Book laptops running the Windows 10 Creator's Update (15063.0 release). These computers were configured to the following settings, to increase consistency between measures and reduce tasks that may start during the measurement and interfere with the results, while still representing a realistic user setup:

OS and browser versions

OS Windows 10 Pro 15063.0
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0
Chrome Google Chrome 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)
Firefox Firefox 52.0.1 (32-bit)


Processor i5-6300U @ 2.4GHz 2.5GHz
Memory 8G
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 520


While plugged in, each respective browser was navigated to, set to the same video with auto-looping enabled, set to play, and set to fullscreen. The video played was:


  1. Start recording with camera
  2. Unplug the power bar that all devices are charging from, ensuring they switch to battery at the same time
  3. Continue until all devices have run out of battery power, recording the time it takes for each.