Microsoft Edge - 2024 web platform top developer needs

As part of our commitment to the web platform, we continuously listen to developer signals and feedback. We leverage what we learn to implement the features that developers need to build great web experiences. We also know that developers need those features, especially those that can't be polyfilled, or which create new architectural opportunities, to be available across all browsers.

This dashboard represents our view of progress across the web ecosystem towards resolving top developer pain points and closing interoperability gaps.
For each feature listed below, the relevant browser compatibility status, as well as the latest test results from the Web Platform Tests (WPT) project, are given.

Note that the list isn't ranked in any particular order. If you'd like to influence these priorities, we encourage you to send us feedback. We're committed to continuing to listen and to drive progress on these priorities.

We hope that this dashboard plays a positive role in improving the platform for everyone.

Sum of passed subtests for all the features below. Test results from